How it Started


We were looking for a different type of vacation, and we found The Jungle Lodge at La Loma. We could not have imagined what a life changing experience this would be. We have always been interested in education and the needs of young adults and children. This led us to a tour of the Bahia Honda School. The school provided basic education for students through sixth grade. The school needed significant work, and the education was quite basic.

We then met Bolivia. The couple running the lodge, Henry and Margaret, told us Bolivia's story. Her oldest daughter, who was married with children, had died of breast cancer. Then her husband committed suicide due to his grief. So, Bolivia must care for the grandchildren. This created an economic hardship. She could no longer send the girls to high school, which was free, but the cost of getting to school across an open ocean was too costly. We asked the cost for travel and/or room and board. The answer was $270, not a month, but a year. $540 a year would send her two smart girls to high school. We wrote a check, and made the commitment to fund their high school education.

Obviously, we didn't stop there. Education is Power now funds 40 children and young adults to attend high school, trade school, or college. EIP pays the salary of a local teacher, has funded the building of a play ground, purchased 10 tablets to assist with English education, funded three women's rights and health forums, and provided partial funding for the purchase of a school boat.

We need your support to keep this program moving forward. Please consider partnering with Education is Power in doing this great work.